Cement Pavers

Bevel Bond Paver - Bottomfeed

Create unique designs in commercial landscapes, residential driveways, patios and pool areas.

Dimensions 200mm x 100mm
Thickness  50mm
Mass per paver  2.15kg
Pavers per m²  50
Colours available Grey, Black, Plum, Tan, Red
Pavers suitable for 50mm thick pavers are approved for use on residential driveways. For commercial driveways we recommend 60mm thick pavers.
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What you should know about Cement Pavers:

Cement pavers are made from cement and aggregate that is poured into forms, compressed, and air cured. Concrete can be formed into all sorts of shapes and sizes and pigmented in a wide range of colors.
Abacus Bricks manufactures and sells red paving bricks, black paving bricks, plum, grey, brown and tan bricks too.

Advantages of Cement Paving Bricks:

  • Less Expensive: Cement pavers are less expensive than brick, due to the lower cost of raw materials.
  • More Choice: Cement Pavers offers far more design and color options than brick. If you can imagine it, you can make it happen with concrete pavers.
  • Innovation: New and better paving bricks are being designed all the time, so you might even find choices that correct the known downsides of concrete.
  • Easier to Install: Cement Pavers are precisely uniform and easier to cut, so they're a popular choice for DIY projects.
  • Patio Pavers: Create a beautiful area for your home, driveway or patio that is neat and welcoming, not to mention raising the value of your home.

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