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Maxi bricks can be used for single wall construction. They reduce labour cost because they are larger than stock imperial bricks, but they still produce structurally strong walls.

Brick Type Clay
Average Dimension 222 X 90 X 114
Class NFX
Average Comp Strength 17.4
Average Water Absorption 16.16
Average Mass 5
Bricks per sqm on single wall with 12mm joints 34
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What you need to know about Clay Maxi Bricks:

Maxi Bricks for sale in Gauteng
Clay Maxi Bricks are substantially larger than ordinary Clay Bricks. The Maxi Brick has been purposely designed to cater for the needs of low cost and affordable housing as a competitive and superior alternative to products currently being used in this market segment. Maxi Bricks are also suitable for general residential and industrial use.

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