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This clay product is selected and produced for the durability and aesthetic effect deriving from non-uniformity of size, shape and colour. This clay brick does not require plastering or painting, and can be used for interior or exterior walls of a building. They give any building a unique look depending on how they are used.

Brick Type Semi-Face Brick
Texture Satin
Standard Brick Size 222 X 106 X 73 mm
Class FBA
Bricks per sqm on single wall 55
Bricks per sqm on double wall 110
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What you need to know about Clay Brick Walling:

Clay Brick Maintenance:
Semi Face Clay Bricks can be either unplastered or plastered, painted or not. There is virtually no cost to maintain the exterior of an all clay brick home.
The colour and texture of clay bricks are permanent.

Clay Brick cuts down on noise:
Clay brick walls help to keep the outside world out. The excellent sound resistance of clay products help to minimize sounds.

Clay Brick Colours & Textures: 
Clay bricks come in different colours ranging from white to black including beautiful traditional reds and browns. Clay bricks have 3 appealing textures from the original satin (smooth) texture to the rough travertine and rock face textures.

Clay Brick Beauty:
Clay brick is beautiful. When travelling through a residential area nothing can compare to the aesthetic beauty of a home that is all clay brick or has at least an all clay brick front. With a little added clay brick detailing you can add distinction and greatly enhance the appearance of every home design.

Semi Face Brick

Semi Face Brick

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